Bridging the Gap: Addressing Unmet Medical Transportation Needs in Toledo, Ohio

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Access to reliable and safe transportation is a vital component of quality healthcare. However, in many communities, including Toledo, Ohio, individuals face significant challenges in obtaining transportation to their medical appointments, procedures, and tests. 

This issue is particularly prominent in the surrounding suburbs, where limited public transportation options and distance from healthcare facilities exacerbate the problem. 

Fortunately, Black & White Transportation has emerged as THE reliable solution, working closely with hospitals, medical facilities, patients, and their families to fill the transportation void and ensure individuals receive the care they need.

The Unmet Need

According to a recent study by the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, a significant portion of Toledo’s population faces transportation barriers that prevent them from accessing healthcare services effectively. These barriers disproportionately affect low-income individuals, the elderly, and those with disabilities, contributing to health disparities within the community.

Data collected from various local healthcare providers highlights the scope of the problem. On average, approximately 15% of patients miss or reschedule appointments due to transportation issues in Toledo and its suburbs. These missed appointments can lead to delayed diagnoses, untreated conditions, and increased healthcare costs.

Addressing the Gap: Black & White Transportation

Black & White Transportation has stepped up to address these unmet medical transportation needs in Toledo and its surrounding suburbs. As a reputable transportation service provider, they have forged partnerships with hospitals and medical facilities to ensure patients can access reliable transportation for their medical appointments.

Black & White Transportation’s commitment to patient care is evident in their comprehensive range of services. They offer options in specialized vehicles including those equipped to accommodate individuals with disabilities that need wheelchair-accessible vehicles. The drivers are trained to provide assistance and support, creating a compassionate environment for those with specific medical needs.

Booking a Ride with Black & White Transportation

To book a ride with Black & White Transportation, individuals and their families can call 419-536-8294 or book online at Additionally, Black & White Transportation has developed a mobile app available for both Android devices through Google Play and iPhones through the App Store, making it even more convenient for patients to schedule transportation.

Hospitals, medical facilities and even individuals with regular medical transportation needs book through our NEMT accounts for easier management. We have over 300 accounts and each account has their own specifics and how they handle their rides, making for the most accommodating experience for passengers.

Access to reliable medical transportation is crucial for individuals to receive the care they need. Unfortunately, many residents of Toledo, Ohio, and its surrounding suburbs continue to face barriers in accessing healthcare due to transportation limitations. 

Black & White Transportation has emerged as a dependable solution, working hand-in-hand with hospitals, medical facilities, patients, and their families to bridge this gap. By providing safe and reliable transportation services, Black & White Transportation ensures that patients can attend their regularly occurring appointments, procedures, and tests, thus improving health outcomes and reducing health disparities in the community.

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